About Us

  • The website takes the local to the international platform. With the world becoming a global village, Tollywood Dhamaka is a necessary platform to reach an audience across continents.
  • With Tollywood spreading its wings beyond boundaries, the website not only helps in spreading news about Tollywood but also gets a huge number of audience. This turns into a phenomenal number of hits, which is lucrative for advancing individual businesses and attracting investors.
  • Tollywood Dhamaka gives cross-country recognition to indigenous talent - in both creative and technical fields. Therefore, it is the bridge that covers the gap between local actors, actresses and directors and an international pool of advertisers, investors and corporate industries.
  • Tollywood Dhamaka helps to archive information on the industry, which is an essential tool in creating a long-term benefit for those featured.
  • Since the content of Tollywood Dhamaka is in English, it caters to a non-vernacular speaking audience, which forms a massive chunk of revenue earners. These enable in attracting and sustaining a smarter and sleeker populace and allow them to be involved in the website.
  • Finally, and most importantly, Tollywood Dhamaka has a unique mascot called the "Little Birdie" which is a mini feed of celebrity and lifestyle news by itself as it contains whispers from the world around the Celebs and Sneak Peek of pictures featuring them in candid moments and stolen glances.