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Tollywood thumbs-down for Bengali version of 'Gunday'

Tollywood thumbs-down for Bengali version of 'Gunday'
Tollywood thumbs-down for Bengali version of 'Gunday'

n a not so rare act of solidarity, the entire Bengali Film Fraternity stood together to protest against the Bengali dubbed version of Bollywood giant Yash Raj Film's latest release - Gunday.

With actors, producers, technicians all coming together in protest, Tollywood unanimously called for a full ban on "content in another language being dubbed in Bengali".

A committee has been formed to oppose any program or film that belongs in another language and has been dubbed in Bengali, purely for financial reasons. Gunday, is perhaps not a victim but certainly the case in point! Interestingly, this protest was not there when a popular television network started airing a mythological show dubbed in Bengali!!

However, Tollywood veteran Prosenjit Chatterjee, who was present in the committees meeting which took place at Bharat Lakshmi Studios recently, said "It is like a struggle for survival all over again. We have gradually rebuild our industry, and this (films dubbed in Bengali) will only harm us."

Joining Prosenjit Chatterjee, were the likes of Parambrata Chatterjee, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Arindam Sil, Rajatava Dutta, Raj Chakrabarty, June Maliah, Sudeshna Roy, Indraadip Dasgupta, Satrajit Sen and many more.

Yash Raj Films however have refused to blink in the face of all the protest and have gone ahead with the theatrical release of Gunday's Bengali Version. Pritam Jalan, the regional distributor of YRF was quoted in a statement saying "Legally we have every right necessary to release the Bengali version and that is why we have gone ahead with it. The film has been doing well if not registering extraordinary business."

Throughout India, the film has done moderate business in it's opening weekend with collections of around Rs. 44 Crores.

Interestingly Arindam Sil, who was the Line Producer for the film's Kolkata chapter, has stood against the film's Bengali version. Our Little Birdie heard him say "The dubbing of the film in Bengali is unacceptable as this will only harm our own Industry!"

Here's hoping no one turns into "Gunday" in all these protests!

Tollywood thumbs-down for Bengali version of 'Gunday'
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