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The Curious Case of TAKE ONE - a public survey

The Curious Case of TAKE ONE - a public survey
The Curious Case of TAKE ONE - a public survey

ith the impending release of Swatika Mukherjee’s bold endeavor, a lot of people have had a lot to say after watching the trailer of Mainak Bhaumik’s "TAKE ONE".

The film has been scrutinised and criticized for "vulgarity" by a section of the media and the people, but what exactly is the pulse of the City? Tollywood Dhamaka takes to the streets of the City, and we asked the younger generation, the future of the Nation, what they thought of the infamous trailer and would they be watching the film....

I really liked the trailer. The cinematography is really nice; it’s edited well but its one thing to make a good trailer and another to make a good film. Let’s hope that Mainak Bhaumik does justice to the bold concept that the trailer portrays. It is just what a good trailer should be like- giving out enough to create curiosity about the film but not giving away too much” said Korak Roy, 2nd year student of St. Xavier’s College.

The story comes across a little stereotype in its way of showing the ups and downs, which come as a part and parcel of being in the limelight. It kind of shows the reality of working with cinema. But hats off to Swastika for taking up such a bold role and I am hoping she carries it off throughout the film” said Taha Hazrat, a working professional. 

The trailer beautifully demonstrates how independence and women rights are terms which are only talked about, but one mistake by a woman and phooosh! It’s all back to what it was! Swastika has taken up a real challenge and has been able to grab many eyeballs. Hope she brings out what the director wants to portray. I am looking forward to it's release” said Priya Choudhary, a 2nd year student at J.D. Birla Insititue . 

Just by seeing the trailer once I made up my mind to go watch the film. I got an international feel to it. Swastika looks stunning and I am sure she will make a mark with her performance. Really hoping Mainak Bhaumik does a good job for the entire film and not just let it be remembered as a film which had a great trailer”remarked Ammar, a working professional. 

This is not the first time someone is doing a film like this but I would want to see Mainak Bhaumik’s take on ‘Take One’. Swastika Mukherjee’s powerful screen presence is something I am looking forward to after watching the trailer”said Debdeep Banerjee, a 2nd year student of St. Xavier’s College, .

I am not much of a tollywood film person however after seeing the posters I wanted to watch the trailer. ‘Take One’s’ subject of MMS scandals of film stars and its ramifications on single parenthood appears quite interesting. Yet to me, displaying full frontal nudity seemed a tad bit unnecessary for the film. Regardless, I would watch the film for Swastika. She seems to be in her prime and done a pretty good job” said Husena Vadnagarwala, a 1st year student at J.D. Birla Institute, .

To me the story basically seems like a comment on society. A society that has a very fixed idea of what women should be like and if a woman chooses to be outside of that concept she is criticized for it. It shows the hypocrisy of the society as well because while the society criticizes her for being in pornography they still won’t stop watching it. I would like to see if Mainak Bhaumik has made sure the film has come out as good as the trailer” said Jyotika Mansata, a 2nd year student of Presidency University. 

To us, through the survey, it seems that the generation ‘X’ has it in them to rise above scathing someone without the full knowledge of the matter. The youngsters of today seem to take away from the much talked about trailer, what is the essence of the film by Mainak Bhaumik - the journey of a mother through a tough situation and how despite the society reacting ruthlessly to it, Doel Mitra (essayed by Swastika Muherjee), moves on without losing hope!

Society, are you listening?

The Curious Case of TAKE ONE - a public survey
The Curious Case of TAKE ONE - a public survey
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